'Yoshioka Seika' Green Tea Candy, 80g

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Traditional handmade candies made dusted with delicious matcha green tea.

Molded by hand using a quality mixture of caster sugar from Kitakyushu and smooth mizuame sugar syrup from Kagoshima, these hard sugar candies are infused and coated in a fragrant matcha green tea powder to perfect their uplifting, rustic taste. Using finely ground matcha from the famous, local tea fields of Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture, this powder's rich umami qualities and refreshing bittersweet flavour combines wonderfully with the gentleness of each hard candy, to create a nostalgic, textured sweet you can slowly savour. Provided in a ziplock pouch, these candies are easy to keep in a bag or pocket, until the next time you crave a traditional sweet treat to yourself.