'Yoshioka Seika' Ginger Candy, 80g

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Traditional handmade candies with a tantalising savoury-sweet taste

Molded by hand using a quality mixture of caster sugar from Kitakyushu, smooth Mizuame sugar syrup from Kagoshima and a sprinkling of ginger zest, these hard sugar candies are filled with black sesame seeds to perfectly round out their tangy, rustic taste. Creating a soothing harmony of savoury and sweet you can nostalgically savour, the roasted seeds inserted into each ginger sugar candy increase their rich, comforting taste, while offering a unique, invigorating crunch once each sweet is soft enough to bite. Provided in a ziplock pouch, these candies are easy to keep in a bag or pocket, until the next time you crave a traditional sweet treat to yourself.