'BANJO JOZO' Kamoshibito Kuheiji human Junmai Daiginjo, 720ml

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Exclusive to Restaurant/Bar/Cafe/Hotel businesses.

An exquisite junmai daiginjo that excels in flavour, fragrance and smoothness.

Possessing the dedicated patience and skill to create unbeatably crisp and delicate sake, Kuheiji succeeds in also capturing succulent fruity flavours and uplifting herbal aromas within the soft, soothing mouthfeel of their "human" junmai daiginjo. Showcasing their ambition to develop a sake with exceptional, all-round quality, Kuheiji oversees the cultivation and preparation of their own premium-grade Yamadanishiki rice, grown in Hyogo Prefecture's famous rice fields and polished to 45% to product a sake that's both sublimely light and poignant, with a distinctively complex palate. Aged at a cool 5°C, this junmai daiginjo initially presents vibrant, tangy notes of grapefruit, citrus and apple on the nose, paired with subtle hints of botanicals and pepper that enhance each refreshing sip. Fresh, sharp and subtle with how it delivers each flavour with such umami smoothness, we suggest enjoying this sake chilled from a wine glass, where the option to swirl can unveil further hidden notes including juicy melon. Comes packaged in its own stylish gift box with gold, embossed details.

Alcohol: 16.0% ABV.