'MARUTOMO' Bonito Soup Stock 1.0L, 1.0 L

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Concentrated tsuyu enriched by Makurazaki's fragrant bonito flakes.

Freshly-caught and smoked along the sub-tropical, southern coast of Kagoshima prefecture, Makurazaki's famously aromatic and umami-rich bonito fish flakes are the delicious, key ingredient to this triple-concentrated tsuyu soup base. By carefully drawing out the flakes' deep, savoury flavour through the addition of mirin and sake, this soy sauce and bonito-based tsuyu packs an irresistibly refreshing, salty taste, great to either dilute into dipping sauces for cold noodles and tempura, or use as the standout seasoning to your next noodle broth or donburi rice bowl.