'Nobel' Otoko-Ume Dried Pickled Plum Snack 20.0g, 20g

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Intensely sour umeboshi pickled plums, pitted for maximum chewability.

Pitted and succulently matured in Wakayama's sharpest perilla ume plum vinegar, these classic umeboshi pickled plums have been dried to produce the ultimate sweet and salty, chewy fruit snack. Intensely juicy and rich, the softer texture of these sugar-free pickled plums makes it easier to savour their irresistibly strong umami bite, whether you needed a refreshing pick-me-up at breaktime or a light, uplifting nibble to wind down your evening. Packed with more vitamins and juicy goodness that other traditional snacks, these umeboshi come in a handy, zip-lock pouch, perfect for storing in bags or pockets.