'BANJO JOZO' Kamoshibito Kuheiji Betsuatsurae Junmai Daiginjo, 720ml

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Exclusive to Restaurant/Bar/Cafe/Hotel businesses.

A tailor-made junmai daiginjo catering to those with a refined sake palate.

Known for taking meticulous steps when both selecting rice and evaluating the techniques that will produce the finest quality sake from it, Kuheiji's detailed approach to sake brewing is encapsulated by the deep, delicate flavours of this Betsuatsurae junmai daiginjo. Made with the finest Yamadanishiki rice harvested from Kuheiji's very own rice fields in Hyogo Prefecture, the brewery's expertise is needed not just to polish this rice to an impressive 35%, but also to create the thick, refined moromi that gives this sake its decadant array of juicy flavours and aromas. Opening up to the nose with succulent pear, melon and a hint of spice, the first sip of this junmai daiginjo feels surprisingly weighty, full of soothing umami rice notes that hold this sake's subtler, more complex flavours. Balanced with just the right sharpness and acidity to offer a light, uplifting finish, this remarkably clean and characteristic junmai daiginjo is savoured best when served chilled.

Alcohol: 16.0% ABV.