'HOUSE SHOKUHIN' Grated Daikon Mooli Paste 40.0g, 40g

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Give your dishes a crisp bite of zesty citrus flavour.

Enhancing the pleasant tang of grated daikon radish with the plump sourness of Tokushima's juicy sudachi citrus turns this handy tube of daikon oroshi paste into a refreshing addition to your essential Japanese condiment range. Sharply sweetened with fruit juices, freshly-squeezed from one of south-west Japan's finest green citrus fruits, the gentle, familiar texture of this oroshi paste feels more lively and crunchy, allowing it to instantly invigorate both the subtle and richer flavours of your favourite dishes. Popularly garnished over more tender foods like tofu, soba noodles and tempura, why not also try this daikon oroshi paste as a zingy hamburger relish?