'HOMARE SHUZO' Yuzu Junmai Sake Aladin Bottle 300.0ml, 300ml

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A smooth junmai sake blended with zesty yuzu citrus.

Served in a long-neck circular flask, the well-rounded palate and pleasantly sharp aromas of this dry junmai sake are drawn out by an infusion of fresh yuzu citrus juice. Tangy on the nose, with a mellow smoothness to soothe your taste buds, the fruity addition of yuzu helps the natural sweet flavours of this sake come to life, complementing its crisp melon and pear notes. Light and easy to drink, the alluring charm of this sake makes it the perfect gift for those who appreciate a soothing, sour kick to their evening tipple. Best served chilled with ice or mixed with soda water.

Alcohol: 10% ABV.