'TONOIKE SHUZO' Liqueur- Strawberry, 500ml

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Juicy-sweet strawberry liqueur, enriched with a gentle, full-bodied red wine.

Delivering the succulent bite and uplifting sweetness of Japan's ripest Tochiotome strawberries, Tonoike Shuzo has combined freshly-squeezed fruit juices with a mellow red wine, to produce this rich strawberry liqueur. Providing not just a plump, luscious mouthfeel but also a soothing, jam-like consistency that can be savoured alongside the luxurious tart aromas of Ibaraki prefecture's beloved local strawberries, this tangy liqueur feels both surprisingly light and decadent to drink. Well-rounded with a delicate, drawn out finish, this strawberry liqueur makes for the ideal aperitif or dessert wine. We even recommend drizzling it over ice cream or shaved ice for an indulgently fun, evening treat for adults.

Alcohol: 12.0% ABV.