'GEKKEIKAN' ***20%OFF***The Shot Usunigori, 180ml

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Savour the refreshingly creamy sweetness of this compact usunigori sake.

Perfect for when you need a dose of relaxation with one of Gekkeikan's premier sake creations, this "shot" of usunigori sake is combined with the delicate fruitiness of daiginjo sake, to delightfully lift its naturally creamy taste. Surprisingly light and bittersweet on the nose, with juicy peach and grape notes offering promising signs of this sake's succulent, refreshing depth, a wider, more vibrant palate of flavours and aromas offers only more reasons to savour this thick, umami-rich, nigori-based sake. Full of sweet, milky proteins to give your body an instant boost, this usunigori is best kept chilled, so you can shake up a bottle and enjoy a luxurious sake pick me up at any ideal moment.

Alcohol content: 13.5%.