'HOUSE SHOKUHIN' Seven Spice Chilli Pepper with Yuzu, 14g

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Fragrant roasted chilli pepper with tangy yuzu citrus peel.

Give your favourite noodle and rice dishes a refreshing heat, with a sprinkle of this aromatic, yuzu citrus-enriched togarashi red chilli pepper. Made from a classic shichimi blend of 7 spices including Japanese pepper, aonori seaweed, sesame, poppy & hemp seeds, this fiery seasoning is not only kettle-roasted to maximise its fragrant flavour, but also flavoured with freshly-ground yuzu peel to elevate its well-rounded spiciness. Great for giving any meal an instant kick of tangy, intense flavour, spice lovers won't be able to get enough of this tongue-tingling condiment.