'Nihon Sakari ' SAKARI no.21Yuzu", 710ml

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A light, zesty sake enveloped in fruity yuzu citrus notes.

A polished, silky smooth sake with a crisp, tropical palate.

Providers of fresh, distinctive sake flavours to the Japanese Imperial Household for over 100 years, Sakari delivers sweet, sublimely fruity refreshment with this rich yuzu sake. Brewed in Nishinomiya, this sake benefits from the natural, high-grade quality of local Yamada Nishiki rice, fermented and distilled in the mineral rich waters of Mount Rokko to produce a crisp, refreshing palate that is juicily sweetened by the ripe sharpness of yuzu freshly-picked from the southern corners of Japan, (Kochi and Kagoshima). Made with the peel, flesh and seeds of every yuzu fruit picked, this sake squeezes a full range of citrus flavours & aromas into its velvety mouthfeel, making this drink exquisite to serve on its own either chilled or on the rocks.

Alcohol Content: 8.0%