'KUNITARO' Green Tea with Uji Matcha Pyramid Tea Bags 22pcs, 44g

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Rich, invigorating green tea flavour made easy to dip and brew.

Enriched by the bitter yet gentle qualities of Kyoto's renowned Uji matcha powder, these refreshing green tea teabags infuse sweet, tender flavours and nutrition through a triangular twist to the classic square dipping teabag. Blended from young Japanese green tea leaves steamed from the moment they're picked, these teabags offer crisp, soothing refreshment with a pleasantly uplifting essence that easily swells throughout cups and teapots with their dispersing pyramid shape. Quick to permeate a lively green colour and fragrance, these 22 teabags are convenient to dip and remove from the attached string at the top and can be easily disposed of with the use of environmentally friendly materials.