'KUNITARO' Genmaicha Green Tea Pyramid Tea Bags 22pcs, 44g

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An easy-to-dip addition of rich roasted tea flavour.

Made sweeter and more full-tasting with the addition of roasted brown rice, these fragrant genmaicha brown rice tea teabags seamlessly infuses flavour with its triangular variant on the traditionally square dipping teabag. Blended from deeply steamed sencha tea leaves grown in Japan, these teabags produce a rich, well-rounded essence that is complemented by nourishing grains of smoky rice and strained thoroughly into cups and teapots through its dispersing pyramid shape. Quick to permeate a deep forest green colour and fragrance, these 22 teabags are convenient to dip and remove from the attached string at the top and can be easily disposed of with the use of environmentally friendly materials.