'KYOYA ' Kanro Sweet Potato Shochu, 900g

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Using the same earthenware stills since being founded in 1834, this shochu is prepared diligently with both passed on skills and experience to create a much loved and unchanged mellow alcohol that evolves with bold umami sensation and fragrance every time. Made in much smaller volumes compared to other distilleries in their giant earthenware vessels(about 800 litres), it maintains an ideal temperature throughout its single distilling, allowing the sweet potato starch to naturally mix fondly with the added koji rice malt, for a balanced taste that draws out each ingredient's rich notes.

With gentle infrared radiation emitting from the well aged stills, the shochu is allowed to refine in the pure water of the local rural area without yeasting, for a smooth texture that is easy to drink either straight, mixed or on the rocks, for an enriching experience of southern Japan.

Alcohol Vol: 20%