'GEKKEIKAN' ***15%OFF***Nouvelle Junmai Ginjo Sake, 720ml

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Time to go a little bit retro with Gekkeikan’s premium junmai ginjo sake! This quality pure rice wine (made without the addition of any brewer’s alcohol) has a distinctly florid and fruity aroma and refreshing, rice-prominent flavour, with a finishing aftertaste that cuts through everything else. Beautifully packaged in a unique smoky coloured glass bottle, this slightly dry, slightly light-bodied sake is at its most delicious served chilled or at room temperature with full-flavoured foods.

Sake Category: Junmai Ginjo (high quality pure rice wine)
Flavour: Slightly dry, refreshing, slightly light-bodied
Fragrance: Fruity and florid
Drinking Temperature: Chilled or served at room temperature

Food Pairing: Full flavoured and meaty foods such as yakitori chicken or ankake meatballs