'NISSIN FOODS' The Ramen Masters Instant Shoryu Ramen Hakata Tonkotsu Cup Noodles, 72g

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Savour our authentic Shoryu Ramen Hakata Tonkotsu noodles in an instant.

Becoming the first, renowned UK ramen restaurant to team up with the creators of Japan's most beloved cup noodles, Shoryu Ramen provides a handy serving of its succulent Hakata Tonkotsu ramen to Nissin's The Ramen Masters series of restaurant-quality, instant noodles. Based on our sister restaurant's signature Ganso ramen, with fine, wavy noodles, a meaty pork bone and chicken broth, spring onion, red ginger, kikurage mushrooms and juicy plant-based meat protein to garnish, this premium cup noodle captures the hearty, umami quality of authentic, Hakata-style tonkotsu.

Completed over 9 months with Shoryu's Executive chef, Kanji Furukawa overseeing its recipe, savouring the talents of two world-famous ramen masters is made possible to enjoy anywhere in just 4 minutes.