'BANJO JOZO' Kuno Kuheiji Kurodashocho Fukuji 2019, 750ml

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Exclusive to Restaurant/Bar/Cafe/Hotel businesses.

An immaculately smooth junmai daiginjo that captures the flavours of its rich terroir.

With access to Japan's finest grade sake rice, as well as vastly renowned expertise when it comes to sake brewing, Kuheiji produces its Kuno Kuheiji Honten series of junmai daiginjo as a chance to savour and celebrate the distinctive terroir characteristics that accentuate their elegantly refined sake. Using Yamadanishiki rice specially harvested from the southern Fukuji area of their Kurodashocho rice fields, the golden-hued grains grown in this warm, mountain basin are what gives this soft, mineral-rich junmai daiginjo its exceptionally vibrant, vintage palate. Offering firmer, fuller and sharper flavours balanced by Yamadanishiki's famously delicate qualities, this sake erupts with refreshing lychee and mango notes on the nose, maintaining a rich creamy consistency accentuated by juicy hints of melon and peach. Developing a smoky, meatier profile over time, the pleasant fruity aftertaste makes it a delight to delve deeper into this junmai daiginjo's more complex flavours from a wine glass, especially when paired with creamy pasta, seafood or cheese. Comes packaged in its own stylish gift box with gold, embossed details. Alcohol: 16.0% ABV.