'MARUTOMO' Agodashi Grilled Flying Fish Tsuyu Soup Base, 500g

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Concentrated tsuyu exquisitely enriched with grilled flying fish stock.

By adding distinctively smoky, umami flavour of grilled flying fish dashi to their triple-concentrated tsuyu soup base, Marutomo delivers a unique, versatile seasoning that complements all kinds of Japanese cuisine. Offering incredible savoury depth through the combined rich flavours of grilled flying fish, bonito and mackerel flakes, a final splash of kombu kelp dashi, mirin and sake reduces any overpowering seafood smells, whilst refining this flavoursome tsuyu. Mellow enough to simply drizzle over vegetable side dishes, the delicious, adaptable qualities of this tsuyu make seasoning noodle soups, simmered dishes, rice and even karaage a delight.