'ICHIBIKI' Kani Meshi Crab Rice Seasoning Mix, 550g

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Recreate the tender, umami taste of restaurant quality crab rice.

Packed with crunchy bamboo shoots, chewy shiitake mushrooms and tender crab meat all classically seasoned in a soy sauce and kelp dashi stock, capture the comforting savoury taste of Kora Honten's kani meshi crab rice at home. Simply poured and mixed into cooked rice before serving, this straightforward seasoning mix is expertly prepared to match the beloved restaurant's signature simmered crab rice dish, using quality Rishi konbu kelp, mirin rice wine and yeast to draw out its delicate umami flavours. Fresh-tasting and fragrant, this mix instantly soaks into your rice making it ready to serve in minutes, whether you're preparing it for a bento packed lunch, or adding shredded nori seaweed and your favourite toppings to create a tasty main meal. 2-3 servings.