'ICHIBIKI' Tako Meshi Octopus Rice Seasoning Mix 521.0g, 521g

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Pre-made tako meshi rice seasoning, packed with tasty umami ingredients.

Freshly prepared with a mixture of crunchy carrots and bamboo shoots, succulent deep-fried tofu, plus tender pieces of octupus and konjac root seasoned in a bonito and kelp dashi stock, enjoy the authentic umami comforts of tako meshi octopus rice conveniently at home. Simply poured and mixed into cooked rice before serving, this instant seasoning mix is deliciously prepared with a traditional soy sauce base, enriched with Yaizu bonito flakes and Hidaka konbu kelp to give its delicate ingredients a sumptuous, fresh-tasting, seafood flavour. Full of tasty textures and aromas that can immediately enhance any everyday portion of steamy rice, add this mix to your bento packed lunch serving, or top it with your favourite garnishes and shredded nori seaweed to create a hearty main meal in minutes. 2-3 servings.