'DAISHO' Buta-Uma Pork Nabe Soup Base 750.0g, 750g

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Juicy, umami hot pot broth enriched with succulent seafood flavour.

Built around a salty bonito, mackerel, shrimp and kelp dashi stock base to maximise the tender juiciness of simmering meat and vegetables, this sumptuous soup base comes readily seasoned to create a mouthwatering hot pot for 3-4 people. Made especially for simmering thin, shabu shabu style slices of meat such as pork, this soup base is all about increasing the umami textures and flavours of your ingredients, refined with cooking sake, salt and yeast to highlight their succulent savouriness. Made more meaty with addition of shiitake mushroom, soy sauce and sea bream, try pairing this soup base with all the delicate meats and foods you'd like to taste more of and save the leftovers for an extra flavoursome noodle broth.