'NISSIN FOODS' Instant Noodles with Soup base (Spicy Sesame Oil) (220208) 100.0g, 100g

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Toasty, fragrant sesame ramen.

Home to the best variety of hearty instant ramen flavours, Demae Iccho offers a nutty and subtly sweet flavour to slurp up the succulent savouriness of this sesame oil ramen. Served with a soy sauce and soya protein stock juicily seasoned with garlic, bamboo shoot and ginger, this ramen's soup develops a mellow and fragrant consistency that soaks into the noodles to maximise their salty, umami chewiness. Finished with a splash of sesame oil to really add to its toasty warmth, these easy to prepare noodles are simply boiled in hot water and gently stirred into an authentic ramen taste with your own pick of meat and vegetables.