'BENIOTOME SHUZO' Sesame Shochu Plum Wine 18°, 720ml

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A rich plum wine brewed with sesame-infused shochu.

For those who love the plump, fruity mouthfeel of Japanese umeshu, this shochu-blended Ohako plum wine provides these luscious qualities with the addition of roasted sesame notes. Specially brewed using Beniotome Shuzo's original, oak barrel-matured sesame shochu, the strong, toasty fragrance and umami palate distilled from this Fukuoka-produced shochu perfectly complements the naturally fruity, deep flavours of plum wine. Wonderfully thick and toasty, this smooth, amber plum wine is best served chilled or on the rocks with a rich selection of Western and Asian dishes.

Alcohol: 18% ABV.