'TOAFOODS' Shirasagi Sarashina Soba Noodles 720.0g, 720g

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Rustic, square-cut soba, provided in 8 conveniently wrapped servings.

Carefully kneaded in cold water and precisely square-cut to perfect their traditionally wholesome, firm bite, these 8 individual servings of dried sarashina soba noodles are tastily handcrafted by Hyogo prefecture's Banshu noodle experts. Paler in colour than regular Japanese soba, sarashina soba requires precise grinding of buckwheat to access the grain's white centre, deliciously softer in texture but equally nourishing to slurp, with both a cold dipping sauce toasty noodle broth. Naturally enriched with wheat flour and salt to enhance their moreish taste, each handy bundle of soba is easily boiled in 4 minutes and provided in a ziplock pouch to keep fresh.