'HOUSE SHOKUHIN' Layu Spicy Oil Paste 40.0g, 40g

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Give a variety of dishes more succulent, spicy qualities.

Cleverly mixed into a paste to maximise its versatile use across both Asian and Western dishes, House's handy tube of la-yu chilli oil infuses 3 classic Chinese spices into this tongue-tingling, sesame oil-based seasoning. By pairing peppery black bean and rich tianmian sweet bean sauces with the pungent heat of tobanjan broad bean chilli paste, this fiery, umami paste instantly squeezes a punch of fragrant, savoury flavour into almost any dish, whether it's splashed on top or subtly stirred into your favourite sauce or soup. Enriched with garlic, onion and salt to increase it's mouth-watering possibilities, this paste helps you spice up grilled meats, gyoza dumplings, salads and even onigiri rice balls.