'HOUSE SHOKUHIN' Chopped Spring Onion Salt Paste 38.0g, 38g

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Give your meats and salads a refreshingly sharp, salty bite.

Finely chopped, salted and mixed into a crisp, savoury paste, House Foods' diced spring onion and salt seasoning also squeezes a zesty lemon kick into this deliciously handy condiment tube. Perfect for use as an everyday garnish, or surprise cooking ingredient, the clever addition of sweet lemon juice, black pepper and spices to this savoury seasoning can give your favourite dishes an uplifting, umami saltiness, instantly making them all the more irresistible. Great to mix with mirin and soy sauce when improving simple, popular recipes like mugen nasu or donburi rice bowls, this paste can also enhance sauteed meats, hiyayakko tofu and soups with its moreish flavour magic.