'NITTO SHOKUHIN' Kombucha Kombu Kelp Tea Sachets, 24g

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Fibre and mineral-rich kombu kelp tea for both drinking and seasoning.

Great for staying nourished on the go, whilst also giving dishes a last-minute dash of flavour, these 12 versatile sachets of kombucha kelp tea are packed with nutritious, umami qualities of Hokkaido's rishi kombu kelp. Finely ground and seasoned so each sachet is easy to dissolve in hot water, this kelp tea not only provides savoury-sweet refreshment but also offers a mellow base of flavour for chazuke rice, simmered foods and vegetable dressings. Each sealed in aluminium foil for freshness, these sachets are easy to carry offering a quick brew of nourishing kombucha tea when needed.