'YAMATO SHOYU MISO' Kaga Boucha Hojicha Brown Rice Amazake- Alcohol Free 490.0ml, 490g

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Relax and revive with a fragrantly blended hojicha brown rice amazake.

Make the wholesome, smooth goodness of naturally produced amazake all the more sweeter and refreshing to enjoy with the infusion of local Kaga Boucha hojicha roasted green tea in this rich amazake. Yamato Shoyu Miso uses its famed techniques to create the nutritiously smooth, non-alcoholic brown rice koji used for this drink and enhances it with the alleviating aroma of Ishikawa's popular roasted green tea. Made from a pleasant blend of both leaves & stems to balance the bitter and sweet flavours, this tea works well to support the amazake's umami sweetness offering a deeper taste that's enjoyably invigorating. Versatile enough to be served through various means, enjoy this amazake chilled with milk or even churned into homemade ice cream, or warm it up with the addition of sesame, cinammon or ginger for a cosy chai-style drink.