'SANKO SEIKA' Rice Cracker Soy Sauce Flavour 127.0g, 127g

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Light rice crackers that snap with a rich depth of soy sauce flavour.

Baking Niigata prefecture's famously fluffy rice into crisp rice cracker perfection, these delicate senbei snacks from Sanko Seika come carefully lavished with a selection of soy sauce flavours and aromas. Initially mixed with a mature soy sauce for fragrance, these thinly baked discs are enriched with a thick tamari soy sauce that ensures their bobbly texture is still rich to bite into. Sharply finished with a splash of roasted soy sauce to complete their savoury goodness, these individually wrapped packs of 2 have lots of flavour to share around and are the ideal pick for when you need an indulgently light nibble.