'KEWPIE ' Deep Roasted Sesame Dressing 1.0L, 1.0 Kg

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Enjoy the rich umami, roasted flavour of Japan's creamiest restaurant-style dressing.

Made from deeply-roasted, whole sesame seeds to ensure the most fragrant savouriness, this thick sesame dressing provides a staple condiment to your Japanese dining and adds a delicious drizzle of well-rounded flavour to both Eastern and Western dishes. Creamy yet easy to pour, this versatile dressing gives simple salads a full range of depth and aromas and enriches the roasted flavours of grilled meat and fish when left to marinate. A go-to condiment that will dip, splash and mix it's way into almost any meal, find your favourite way to savour this wonderful dressing with this 1 litre bottle