'ISHIBASHIYA' Konjac Ball, 150g

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Traditional konnyaku balls pulled and shaped by hand.

Expertly stretched and kneaded by Ishibashiya's experienced craftsmen, these rustic konnyaku yam bites are formed with a firm, chewy bite that can bulk up and enrich the nourishing flavour of dishes. Popular used as an alternative to potato in oden stews, stir-fries and hot pots, each of these uniquely crisp and satisfying bites is made from fresh konnyaku yam flour, sprinkled with flecks of dried yam for added texture and taste. Pre-boiled so all kinds of flavours absorbed can be savoured to their fullest without any bitter aftertaste, these jelly-like bites are a fibre rich and best suited to soaking up the rich sauces & soups.