'Tsuboichi' Dong Ding Oolong Tea Latte Powder Drink Mix, 70g

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Mix with milk or soy milk, for full-bodied, fragrant oolong tea latte.

Blended with Taiwan's finest green tea leaves to recreate Dong DIng oolong tea's traditionally rich and nourishing taste, indulge in the creamy, deep roast of oolong tea latte with the ease of this convenient powdered drink mix. Sweetened with 3 gentle varieties of sugar to highlight the floral aromas and warmth of Taiwan's famous oolong tea, the multiple roasts this blend goes through ensures a toasty cup with even the thickest of milk. Made with only a tablespoon of powder per cup, this dairy-free powder is free from additives and provides nutty flavour that can even be used to flavour yoghurt, ice cream and other creamy desserts.