'TAKAHASHI SHOTEN' Yuzu Citrus Flavoured Hot Sauce, 75g

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Naturally hot, tabasco-style sauce with a juicy yuzu citrus kick.

Famously produced across the southern shores of Miyazaki, Kyuushuu where yuzu citrus are known for their succulently ripe flavour, Yuzusco combines the fruity peel of its local produce with the fiery bite of Japanese chilli pepper. Both used as beloved seasonings across the southernmost parts of Japan, by combining these two flavours with crisp vinegar Yuzusco creates a refreshingly spicy, unique condiment that can add tongue-tingling heat to all kinds of international cuisine. Popularly served with chicken karaage, tempura and more, simply shake this bottle well and drizzle with care to savour the best qualities of its sharp and intense taste.