'KURAKON' Rice Seasoning Hijiki Seaweed Shiso Perilla Flavour, 40g

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Crispy hijiki seaweed roasted in tangy perilla leaf.

Roasted and finely-shredded so the chewy texture of hijiki seaweed can be savoured across a wide variety of dishes, this furikake rice seasoning has been preserved with perilla leaf for a sharper, sumptuous kick of salty flavour. Both fragrant and naturally rich in protein thanks to being soaked in soy sauce before roasting, this dried hijiki seasoning adds delicious savoury depth to even a simple bowl of white rice, offering satisfying bites of pickled seaweed taste within each crisp strand. Great to sprinkle over onigiri rice balls, omelettes and even natto soybeans, see what Japanese favourites you can enhance with this resealable condiment.