'Koujiya' ***20%OFF***BBQ Sauce -Miso Flavour, 300g

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The BB date is 07/07/22

An extra-rich, regional BBQ sauce.

Enriching their luscious soy sauce-based yakiniku sauce with pungent red miso, fiery gochujang paste and a crunchy sprinkling of sesame seeds, enjoy maximum umami flavour when using this barbecue sauce for marinating and dipping. Made in collaboration with Ise's Hanjou yakiniku restaurant, this rich, full-tasting sauce features a complex yet smooth, combination of flavours, that compliment the succulence of grilled meat and vegetables thanks to the addition of crisp garlic and mirin rice wine. Packed with texture, spice and indulgent savouriness perfect for glazing your favourite barbecue ingredients in, this sauce is a mouth-watering sensation just waiting to be savoured.