'Nihon Sakari ' KANJUKU UMESHU Sake Blended Plume Wine -White, 720ml

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Luscious umeshu made from a blend of fine sake and fully-ripened plums.

Squeezing the maximum sweetness and crisp flavour into this fruity umeshu plum wine, Nihon Sakari combines the delicate consistency of their finely-brewed sake with plump richness of Kishu's famous nanko-ume plums. Fully-ripened until they naturally fall from the tree, the regional plums used to flavour this fragrant plum wine are at their highest quality, guaranteeing a sweet, full-tasting sip of refreshing umeshu goodness. Refined with sake so its palate swells and finishes on a pleasantly dry tingle, this smooth amber wine can served hot or cold, but is experienced best freshly-chilled on the rocks.

Alcohol 10.5% ABV.