'Nihon Sakari ' KANJUKU UMESHU Plume Wine Muroka Genshu -Black, 720ml

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Luscious umeshu made from Japan's finest, fully-ripened plums.

Brewed diligently for 1 year and bottled unfiltered to ensure maximum freshness and flavour, Nihon Sakari uses Kishu's famously plump nanko-ume plums only at their ripest to create this rich and decadently fruity plum wine. Fully-ripened until they naturally fall from the tree, the regional plums used to flavour this fragrant plum wine are at their highest quality, bursting with sweet flavours and aromas waiting to be translated into luxurious umeshu goodness. Refined with alcohol to balance its naturally strong sweetness with a pleasantly smooth mouthfeel and finish, this deep amber wine is easy to drink hot or cold, but is experienced best freshly-chilled on the rocks.

Alcohol 19.5% ABV.