'IGARASHI SEIMEN' Ramen Sapporo Miso flavour, 339g

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Wavy, instant noodles with a comforting, creamy miso broth.

Savour the toasty warmth of Sapporo's signature ramen with Igarashi's famously firm and porous noodles, by combining the two into these hearty helpings of instant noodle deliciousness. Provided in 3 golden noodle blocks, soaked in water before drying to guarantee their springy, supple bite, the flavoursome texture of these noodles complements the thick miso soup that comes with these regional ramen servings, seasoned with garlic, ginger and bonito for a mouth-watering umami taste. Easily prepared in just 4 and a half minutes when added to boiling water, just include your own toppings and garnishes to complete an experience of Japan's tastiest ramen from home.