'Onishi Foods' Long Life Pre-Cooked Rice -Gomoku Seasoned Rice 100.0g, 100g

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Long life, pre-cooked rice, full of fresh vegetable crunch and umami flavour.

Add just water and enjoy a hot or cold portion of nourishing gomoku mixed vegetable rice, any time or place with this handy ziplocked pouch of instant, seasoned rice. Made with pre-cooked "Alpha rice" instantly dried to preserve its fluffiness, this long-life rice pouch is garnished with carrot, fried tofu, burdock, shiitake mushroom and konjac yam, drizzled in soy sauce and salt to give its unique mix of textures a satisfying savoury bite. Packaged with a spoon for instant enjoyment, this hearty rice is the perfect for lunch and taking on adventures. Simply pour hot or cold water directly into the pouch and seal it for 15-60 minutes until the rice feels soft enough to eat.