'KUNITARO' Powdered Tea with Uji Matcha -Sushi Restaurant Style 150.0g, 150g

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Powdered and infused with Uji matcha for a thoroughly sweet and fragrant cup.

Prepared for brewing strong cups of "agari" sushi restaurant style green tea fast, this finely powdered konacha maximises its bittersweet richness and aromas with the addition of world-famous Uji matcha powder in this smooth, nourishing, loose blend. Commonly served with sushi to balance its salty flavours, this thick tea is ground from the remnants of pre-steamed leaves to produce a rich powder that can be brewed in just 30 seconds. With lower umami-content and more refined matcha sweetness than regular green tea, this konacha complements Japan's more delicate dishes and cuisine, whilst providing a healthy form of uplifting refreshment that's soothing and easy to drink.