'KUNITARO' Jasmine Tea Bag 36pcs, 216g

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Fragrant, jasmine-infused green tea for those moments of soothing refreshment.

Floral and uplifting with its blend of freshly-picked winter jasmine blossoms and tender green tea leaves, these 36 convenient teabags of jasmine tea brew a purely relaxing, everyday cup whether prepared hot or cold. Made 100% from tea leaves and blossoms harvested in Japan, this natural tea is hand-selected to ensure the finest aromas are seamlessly infused, into its bittersweet yet gentle flavour. Possible to stew both fast (1 minute in boiling water) and slow (5 minutes over low heat) to your ideal strength, these teabags can also be cold-brewed to create refreshing iced teas, the ideal beverage to balance the oiliness of some of Japan's most popular snacks.