'ASANO' Asa no Ya Amazake with Ginger 75.0g, 75g

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Warm up with a wholesome dose of ginger-infused, local amazake.

Made from the famed sake rice lees of the nearby Tosa prefecture and accentuated by the rich qualities of Kochi's naturally grown ginger, this powdered drink mix comes packed with exquisitely soothing nutrition. Using 100% fresh ingredients from the abundant climate of Shikoku island, Asano's local farms harvest a nutrient-rich, flavoursome ginger and infuse it into the delicate, sweet rawness of smooth amazake. With minimum pungency and maximum warmth, through the process of powdering and drying, this non-alcoholic drink once mixed invites you into toasty morning or evening delight, high in shogaol, vitamin B & iron to keep any colds and ill weather at bay. Contains 5 packs