'HIKARI MISO' Instant Miso Soup Wakame Seaweed, 60g

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Instant, umami-rich miso soup garnished with sumptuous wakame seaweed.

Made with savoury-sweet white miso paste from the famed miso-producing region of Shinshu, this instant miso soup offers a fresh, traditional serving of Japan's favourite everyday hot beverage. Free from gluten, vegan and only 26 calories per serving, this nourishing soup provides a creamy, soothing sip of classic soybean and rice miso, enriched with the deep, umami taste of kelp and tamari soy sauce. Packed with protein thanks to its succulent wakame seaweed topping, each of these 3 sachets of instant miso soup is simply prepared with just hot water, easily stored or kept handy by the kettle when you need toasty, miso soup refreshment.