'ICHIBIKI' Haccho Miso, 400g

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Pungently rich, salty miso packed with umami goodness.

Traditionally made with only soybeans, salt and water to produce a sumptuously thick and savoury miso paste, this Hatcho miso carries a distinctly strong, natural flavour that has found many flavoursome uses in Japanese cuisine. Unique to Aichi prefecture with its intense deep-brown colour and use of only the finest local soybeans, Ichibiki matures this protein-rich miso paste for 1 to 3 years to maximise its salty, subtly tart, rustic taste. Easy to cook within moderation thanks to its potent flavour, this miso is often snuck into dishes to increase their savoury richness, though is also popularly mixed into miso sauces, soups or used as pungent seasoning when simmering dishes.