'ICHIBIKI' Kora Honten Crab Shell Nabe Hot Pot Soup Stock 750.0g, 750g

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The rich taste of restaurant quality crab shell hot pot.

An indulgently bold and colourful sharing dish that fills Japanese restaurants in winter, Crab shell nabe hot pot brings its exquisite flavour home with this fabulously, fresh soup stock. A true recreation of Kora Honten chain's irresistibly classic recipe, this lusciously thick stock squeezes the best umami taste from a soy sauce and speciality Rishi kombu kelp base, providing that sumptuous dining out depth and luxury once completed with soft crab and a choice of vegetables. Simply shaken and poured to your preferred consistency, this stock balances your ingredients with its raw savouriness and is superb at enriching even rice soups with a crisp seafood flavour. 2-3 servings.