'NISSIN FOODS' Nissin Foods - Cup Noodle Chicken Flavour 74.0g, 74g

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Slurp up succulent chicken noodle flavour.

When cravings for a juicy ramen broth need a quick and easy to prepare response, Nissin's instant cup noodles provides a tasty serving of this salty chicken ramen in minutes. Generously flavoured with a rich soy sauce and onion stock, chunks of juicy soya protein give this mellow ramen a succulent texture that soaks up the savouriness and adds more bite to the springy, supple noodles included. As sumptuously easy to slurp up as it is to serve, just add hot water and wait for 3 minutes to complete this tasty meal, seasoned with garlic, cabbage and celery, as well as your choice of toppings. Made in Hong Kong.