'SANRIO' Little Twin Stars Hair Clips for Fringe, 20 g, 2 clips, 0g

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Cute clips to keep hair tidy.

When your hair just somehow keeps in getting in the way, keep it parted with these Sanrio Little Twin Stars hair clips. Made with a glossy, raised design of the starry duo, Kiki and Lala, these pastel clips provide the perfect grip to hold your hair back during physical tasks. With your hair clipped and safely out the way, you'll be able to get on with your day without any worry of strands going astray. With 2 clips capable of holding hair away from each side of the face, these are even ideal for applying make-up, with a flat base that ensures no marks on the skin are left when clipped into your fringe.

Measures approx. 5.3cm in width and 3.4cm in length.