'KUKISANGYO' Black Sesame Latté Drink Mix, 150g

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Enrich your daily latte with the finest blend of Japanese flavours, carefully infused into this creamy, sharp and delicately sweet sesame latté drink mix. Made from the richest black sesame seeds fluffed finely into a gentle and smooth powder, a mere 2 tablespoons (15 g) provide the bitter, nutty goodness of around 6,000 seeds, high in calcium, iron and fibre, to keep both body & senses fully nourished. Given a soothing warmth and sweetness with the addition of gently roasted kinako flour and Amami Island sugarcane, this blend takes pride in bringing together authentic, additive-free flavours that only require milk or soy milk to unlock their best decaffeinated delights. Enjoy hot or cold.