'GEKKEIKAN' Miyakoshibori Iwaimai Daiginjo Sake, 720ml

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A smooth sake made with Kyoto's most exquisite rice and brewing technique, limited offer in Kansai region.
Combining the finest rice grains, natural spring waters from Fushimi and experts brewing into this premium regional sake, imperial brewers Gekkeikan offers velvety-crisp refreshment in truly elegant Kyoto style. Made 100% from the prefecture's highest-grade "Iwai" sake rice, the delicate quality of these rice grains lends to this sake's wonderfully smooth palate, carefully mixed with mineral-rich water to produce a well-bodied mouthfeel with swelling floral notes. Light to sip but increasingly enjoyable with its pleasantly aromatic, lingering finish, Clean, clear crispy touch.

Alcohol 14.5% ABV.